Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breakfast of Cha-Cha-Champions

I may or may not have just had Easy Cheese on Wheat Thins for breakfast.
Let it be known how hard it was not to call this Cheez Whiz.
Crackers and Cheez Whiz.
The actual Cheez Whiz, while whimsically named, tastes disgusting.
I'm starting a petition for an Easy Cheese name change.

Take that look off your face, Judgey McGee.
I don't judge you for the chemically processed pseudo-cheese products you eat.


  1. Pseudo cheese products are like mana from heaven. How could anyone judge?


  2. I love Easy Cheese. It's fabulous. And Wheat Thins are pretty much one of my favorite things ever. Put them together, and you've got the snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner of champions! :)

  3. Haha YES! Flashback! We always always called it cheez whiz, and I have no idea why. I remember going home from girl scout stuff and talking about eating cheez whiz and my mom would say "ew, that disgusting stuff in a jar???" and I would say, "no, it doesn't come in a jar, it's in a can and it's awesome!" I don't know who started that, but we always called it by the wrong name and probably thoroughly confused everyone. =)

  4. Um...okay.

    I may have just fallen in love with you.

    Not sure if it was the Wheat Thins (F*CK I miss wheat Thins) or the "admitted alliteration addict" in your bio. All I know is, you had me at Judgy McGee. Consider yourself stalked, bloggy style, from this point on.

    - B x

  5. Ah, yes. The squirtable cheese addiction. A friend of mine, on a beach trip, was spraying actual Cheez Whiz onto Doritos and consuming them. As two other girls and myself stared at her, gobsmacked, in sheer confusion/utmost horror, she simply mumbled, mouth foaming cheese: "What? I like cheese."


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