Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Photoblog: Behind the Scenes of Lady in the Water

I didn't want to set too deep of a My Photographs Are Art photoblog precedent. Largely, my photographs are not art. They're of last night's meatloaf or my dog sleeping with his head behind his leg.

Also, I'm a terrible model. As we explained in About the Friday Photoblog, I'm 50% of the only models we have. So for every pretty shot like this one...:

...I have about eighty pictures like these: 
Goddamn paparazzi. 

I'm rubbing the sunglasses mark out. Obviously.

Also note how disgustingly green the water is. Which, at the time, I was pleased with. BECAUSE IT MAKES FOR PRETTY PICTURES. And deformations. Probably.

This is not me posing. This is me falling. WITH STYLE.

Take note of my "The bottom of this lake is ridiculously slimy " hands.

And finally...
This is my "The Water Is Really Cold On My Ladyparts" face.


  1. Haha, wow, it looks cold! And don't worry, the water is green from the plants and not from toxic waste... hopefully...

  2. I love the cold face. That is hilarious!

  3. The green water looks great in black and white. Not so good in green. and I totally get the slimy hands thing.

  4. girl you are not a terrible model at all! looking all sexy and shit.

  5. That last picture made me laugh at loud. I think we've all made that face at some point in our lives. Just not as prettily as you did. I think Tyra calls it "The Pretty Ugly Face," which is when you distort your face in a way that is supposed to be unattractive, but it comes out looking enviably pretty.

    *hangs head* Yes, I watch old cycles of America's Next Top Model and live vicariously through the hopefuls. But I like to see the pictures at the end of the episodes, and watch the shoots...I hate all the drama stuff in the middle.

  6. This is so in your nature, and not a bit surprising. And I'm impressed, of course.

  7. Ick! I hate slimy green lakes. I usually refuse to even touch the water, much less walk in. I admire your dedication.

    I loved the "The bottom of this lake is ridiculously slimy" and your "Water is cold on my Ladyparts" face the best, I think. And don't worry about the "falling with style" picture. I more than likely would have turned that into a "Slipping and falling head over heels into the water and smacking my head on a rock" picture. At least you were able to save yourself from something like that. :)

  8. Oh, how I did chuckle at the "cold ladyparts" face. The dog picture is terribly adorable as well. Nice!

  9. HAhaha. This is funny. The photos did turn out really well though. And you are a good model!

  10. great pictures! The last one is so cute! :D



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