Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wandering Blues (The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs)

You pass through places and places pass through you
But you carry them with you on the soles of your travelling shoes

Well, I love you so dearly
, I love you so clearly
I wake you up in the morning so early just to tell you
I got the wandering blues
I got the wandering blues
And I'm going to quit these rambling ways one of these days soon

 Hello, blogosphere.

Please now picture me standing on a NYC balcony, arms outstretched, singing, "Don't cry for me, fellow bloggers! The truth is, I never left you! All through my wild days, my mad existence, I kept my promise. Don't keep your distance."

I know you haven't missed your weekly dose of Loaded Handbaggery because my posting is as random as a Rorschach blot. BUT I'm usually a much more faithfuller reader and commenter, and my Google Reader currently runs 250 deep. 250 unread posts, that is. I'm currently rambling about the country, staying in budget hotels and eating out of a cooler. Any and all free time/wifi access is locked into worktime. Naturally, every single one of my clients have picked exactly this time to bombard me with work. I know, I know, shut up and be grateful, Nicki.

But my darlings, your posts will be read and commented in the order they are received, and I may be playing catch-up for a while, so my apologies if you get comments on month-old entries. And expect a Wandering Blues Traveling Series soon. First stop: NYC!

Amour, Amor, Amore,


  1. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to post? Although, I do admit that I look forward to reading you like I look forward to coffee with a girlfriend.

    But go easy on yourself.

    And have a wonderful time in NYC!

  2. I'm envious that you get to travel to NYC this time of year...Though it's mostly work for you, you're still lucky. Unless you freeze. I hear it gets really cold up there.

    Anyway, I want to thank you for helping me settle on a name for my Kindle. :)

  3. Okay, I have to admit: The way that the head and hat were colored in that picture made it look like a huge mushroom cloud going off next to that building. Maybe you did it on purpose, but I thought the face WAS a mushroom cloud until I scrolled down a little farther. Am I crazy? Wait...don't answer that...

  4. Don't worry. I've been playing catch up too. I can't read blogs at work anymore and when I get home, my internet fucks up. But we're dedicated like this. Hehe. Enjoy NYC!

  5. Good luck in NYC!

  6. Well far be it for me to criticise (I think my last post was something like 5 weeks and three days ago), but um...I demand a regular performance.

    Oh wait. You're not Spanish.

    Go and have fun, my sweet (insofar as is possible)! We'll be waiting when you can come back to us.

    ('Cept me, of course. I'll probably have buggered off again. What? I'm very busy and important.)

    - B x

  7. By the way, thanks for the cute, non-nausea inducing words about me and Isaac. ;)

  8. I love comments on month-old posts. I leave them regularly.


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