Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So remember how I said I was done traveling and the blog would go back to normal?


I lied.

Thanks to my upcoming birthday (it's a ways off yet, February 12th: same as Abe Lincoln. I think if we had lived in the same time period we would've been besties), I'm off to Baltimore and then the rollicking redneck hills of Pennsyltucky to celebrate my upcoming birthday in true Nicki fashion: by wearing pretty clothes, taking pretty pictures, wandering around, and drinking my body weight in whiskey. 

I do have several billion posts lined up, but until I work out my massive unedited picture library, you're going to have to settle for random Photo-of-the-Days instead of Friday Photoblogs.

So enjoy this morose, Kermit-esque frog statue I found in Boston Commons. 

I wanted to kiss him in hopes of turning him into a moody poet-prince, but I restrained myself.

Because with my luck, he'd turn into an angsty emo-prince instead.