Friday, April 29, 2011

farewell friday photoblog I: of sand and surf

Kooks are surfer lingo for posers and non-local surfers
...or just see the Urban Dictionary definition, which paints a more specific picture than I do
Little known Derrick fact: he's a surfer-turned-medical-student who built his own board in his garage, surfed with Cali surf shop owners and corporate-sponsored surfers, and has ridden waves in a snowstorm, in hurricanes, in Hawaii, and on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico...and he misses it terribly

Little known Nicki fact: she can't surf, board, windsurf, parasail, or water-ski...but she is a CHAMPION beach reader


  1. Awesome photos!!!

    Also? Aside from parasailing, I can't do any of those things you just mentioned either.

  2. Could you BE any cuter in your darling skirt and bare feet????

    My love also surfs -- one of the reason we live in Corpus Christi -- it's got great longboard waves. I love being a surf widow!

    (and there is nothig like watching the men of my life - aged 48, 9, 6 & 3, playing with abandon in the water.)

    You are awesome!

  3. Gnetch-- You parasail? You tease. Stop being more infinitely talented/awesome than I am.

    Mary-- no way! He surfs? We're soul mates. Let's be beach souls together. Nothing but you, me, and a stack of books. And umbrella drinks.

    P.S. No, I'm completely serious.

    P.P.S. Still completely serious.


  4. Love that skirt!

    Somebody told me you should always take a bottle of nail polish to the beach. Something about pedicures and sand being an exfoliant or something. I don't know if I believe her or not, though. She likes to put mud on her face.

    Love the picture of the shoes together. It's definitely my favorite. I like the way his and hers shoes look together. It says "home" no matter where they are. Because people are your home, not the building you live in.

  5. I just love the Target shoes. I'm never going to be cool enough to understand surfing. I'm genetically wired against feats of balance.

  6. I long to beach read. soon.

    Nice shots.

  7. Love it... looks gorgeous and what a wonderful collection of pictures... Now Foods

  8. Chanel-- I need to take GirlLessons or something. I have no idea what to put or not put on my face. And that skirt is a killer thrift store find!

    Nikki-- I knew someone would call me out on them! I am cheap, and they are pretty. =)

    Onion-- I JUST picked up my summer reading stash at my local used bookstore! Now I'm burning to go to the beach again.

    Salina-- Thanks!!

  9. Zee photos! Tre manifique, madame! KOOKS! Eez funny, no?! (insert French 'huh-huh-huuuh!' laugh here)

    And despite having grown up only a couple short hours from the coast, spending two different years living 30min from two different beaches, AND being a water sign (what UP, Scorpios), I've made wild attempts to surf, parasail, and waterski... but sadly, failed miserably.

    HOWEVER, I can beach myself for incredible amounts of time in the sand, tan faster (and safer!) than any Jersey Shore hooker, and I have an uncanny ability to distract said surfer dudes into making my attempts not look so bad. UH YUS.

    And champion beach reader? I'll take you on ANYDAY. S'on, girlfran.
    If you make it to my beach turf, I'll bring the margaritas!

  10. Love the pics, Nicki. I couldn't do any of those things on your list, either. I AM really awesome at reading in various places, though. I bet I could do it on a beach. I'm not sure if I've ever really tried it though...

    I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite photo out of all of the many fine specimens in the post, so I won't. They're all fantastic. :)

  11. I don't surf, but I have many other beach activies I can do...drumming, shelling, walking, girlwatching, and avoiding no-see-um's like the farking plague.

  12. It seems that every man that I know around my age besides my brother (in a 10 year range) has those sandals!

  13. These pictures are great.

    I have a really strange aversion to beaches. Walking on sand weirds me out.

  14. Ooo I love beach reading, too! I also excel at keeping the beach blanket from blowing away, which isn't as easy as it sounds. Sometimes I have to really splay out to keep that $%^er in place!

    Beautiful photos as usual, darlin'.~


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