Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gratitude: 2011

A Loaded Handbag tradition since 2010.

Let's just get this right out of the way. I'm thankful for being healthy, for being mentally sound, for being fed, clothed, watered, sheltered.

But there's a lot more to life, no?

Like having a backyard to call my own. A garage. A kitchen. A home.

The red bricks of Boston. The worn pubs of Boston.

 Fire-red leaves, fresh-split wood, sliced green apples. The smell of sage.  

Grace Kelly by firelight.

 Pencil skirts. Liquid eyeliner. Ray Charles on the record player.

Salted caramel cocoa, poured in a mug for two.

Asking the woman in the North End Italian bakery if you can take a picture of her rack.

Realizing two blocks later you meant display case.

Twelve grilled oysters, splashed with garlic butter.

Sugar-white sand. A rolling surf. A picnic on red-checked cloth.

Watching free Shakespeare, barefoot in the park.

Homemade hollandaise. Breakfast in bed.

Mozzarella. Mimosas. Margaritas.

A new book waiting on a freshly-made bed.


Trying to pretend killing your first lobster doesn't bother you, doesn't make you want to cry, not even a little bit, not at all.

That magic hour when the sun slants on the table, when the words you've been chasing for hours start pouring back onto the keyboard.

When you find the words you thought you'd lost.

Wandering. Exploring.

Finding wings you thought you'd clipped.

(Your turn.)


  1. I'm sure she knew what you meant about the rack/display case. I didn't even think anything of it until you said "display case" and then "rack" took on a whole new meaning. Cracked me up.

    I'm thankful for customers that take requests. A job that, even with some new rules, is still an awesome place to work. Pie. Blue jeans with contrast stitching. My knee high black boots. My calf high brown suede boots. All of my boots, actually. Pie. Choo Choo curling up on my side at night to keep me warm. The pony Padawan bought me to make me feel better. Pie. A-line skirts. Chunky heels. Guitar pick earrings. Did I say pie yet?

  2. Soul friends that you have never actually met in person.

  3. For those people who love and accept you for who you are and never try to change you, for a husband who gor all his tight ass ways can be very generous and loving.

  4. I'm thankful that I have a friend who asks Italian women if she can take pictures of their racks. I'm also thankful for Mimosas and Margaritas. Especially the Margaritas. And especially when their are other members of my family in proximity.

    I hope you and Derrick and Holly Grace and Apollo have a Happy Thanksgiving, my dear Nicki.~

  5. My amazing kids. Books. The opportunity to get an education. My husband, who challenges me to be better and makes me stronger. My home. Fresh, hot, homemade rolls. Chocolate. Charles Dickens. And so very much more! :)

  6. Guilt free naps. Little boys. Big boys. the smell of dinner cooking. Friends, real life and bloggy. My netbook. Pleasant afternoons. Lots of stuff.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Blogs. Funny blog buddies. My job, even if my bosses suck.

    And you for wanting and actually asking to take a picture of a woman's "rack". Badass! Haha!

  8. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to read this tonight. Wonderful, it has me smiling and sighing.
    Happy Thanksgiving

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  10. I used to be grateful for pencil skirts. That was 15 pounds ago. Now not so much.

  11. Dig it. Try salt in chai tea as well. Good stuff.

  12. Health, food, shelter, family and all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. Also... books. Cheese. Wine. That warm beat up, insanely comfortable sweatshirt. 550TC sheets. Candles. My new job. Blogging. Blog friends. My life.


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