Tuesday, December 6, 2011


((I still owe y'all a Kat and Nicki Do Boston post, but it'll have to wait until I rip the pictures from the clutches of my camera.))


In the first month after moving to Boston, I kept a running list of ideas for my Since Moving to Boston series. Some of them I used, some I didn't, but I came across the list yesterday and I couldn't resist sharing. 

Things I've Discovered Since Moving to Boston:

--Living in a nice residential neighborhood means you pick up nice residential neighborhood habits, like ogling your neighbors in SPITE of you promising yourself you wouldn't fall into such nosy-neighbor pitfalls.

--You quickly get used to living in front of neighbor Joe (an elderly, golf-loving widower who lives directly behind us with only a waist-high fence to separate our yards-- meaning yes, he sees all the times we're dancing in the kitchen and yes, he sees my morning-hair when I let the dogs out in the morning and yes, he hears my terrible singing when the windows are open and yes, he sees my midnight raids on the fridge. Joe sees all. Joe knows all.)

--Squirrels? FASCINATING.

--Gardening: Forget green thumbs. I've got a bonafide black thumb.

--There is a local _____ for everything. Your local cupcake shop. Your local urban winery. Your local organic dog treat baker. Your local goat butcher.

--Everyone is deliciously friendly.

--Live lobsters don't scream when you cook them.

--When a Bostonian tells you their dog's name is Koopa, they don't mean Bowser from Mario. They mean Cooper. You will spend the next twenty minutes in your living room giggling and saying "Coopah, the wicked good dog."

--Smiling and say "We're Southerners" will get you anywhere here, even though you're actually from the snowy Pennsylvania countryside and only moved to VA when you were 20.

--We're rapidly descending downward into a hippie spiral, complete with hand-crocheted market bags and compost piles. Yes, compost piles.

--Summer is more precious here, and every fleeting glimpse of summer sun reminds you that winter is coming, and it's coming quickly.

--Even though you're poor, in debt, and months away from your first paycheck, everything seems wonderful and fresh and new, a come-clean beginning, a cocoon opening, a fluttering awakening-- and the grass is greener and the flowers are brighter and the water is sweeter and you look at each other and say this. This is what we've been waiting for. Just this, only this, this sweet hereafter we've found.


  1. it sounds like boston's agreeing with you. i would probably hate it because it snows just a bit more than it does on long island, and also it is filled with boston red sox fans. and i'm married to a yankee fan. so, you know. that would suck.

  2. This is the same way I feel about Oregon.

  3. The area does seem to have some sort of peacefulness about it--even in the city, which is saying a lot because I'm not a city chickie. It's why I immediately though of Massachusetts when I decided that I need to relocate and regroup.

    That, and so that I can stalk you, of course.

    I started my post about our rumpus (why I uploaded the picture off of my phone yesterday) and then got asked to work early and NOW, when I'm making progress on my shitty book and looking forward to a nice night of blogging, I got asked again! And I'm going in because fish is expensive. (<--that statement will make sense later.)

    Can I do longass comments about nothing or what? Okay, I'll just close with an overabundance of affection and say YOU'RE BRILLIANT AND I LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. Are you saying the lobsters in BOSTON don't scream when you cook them alive, or the lobsters EVERYWHERE really don't and that's a myth?

    Because either way I still can't stomach the idea of eating anything that was cooked while it was still capable of feeling. What a terrible way to die.

  5. People are friendly over there? Dang! I SO need to move!!!

    *packs bags*

  6. Loving the Boston accent.

    Mine is from Chicago. Nothing charming about it. Da Bears. Yah -- real funny dere. Of course, I work VERY HARD to keep it.

    Wish i was from London. (making pouty face)

    Ain't it grand to love where you live?

  7. I feel about Boston the way I feel about good sex... it's never enough!

    Glad you're enjoying living there!

  8. my jealously of you and Kat getting to do Boston together is almost uncontainable.... I want to play too!!! I have friends from Boston (read Baaaaston) and everything is wicked something, from awesome to pissa' love it!

  9. I just love how happy you are in Boston. It makes me want to visit there. My husband would be all about it anyway, because he's a historian. He'd go nuts in a place so steeped in our nation's history. Yep, we're officially putting it on our list of "someday we'll get there" destinations.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Love the accent. It sounds like you're having fun. I haven't been brave enough to cook lobster myself yet. I also don't like lobster, so I haven't been too motivated. Despite my curiosity.

  11. Aww, that Coopah, he's the fackin' bawls! Wicked awesome!
    Worked with some Bostonians for a while...it's an accent that has stuck with me.

  12. I haven't been to Boston in ages! I love that place.

  13. Love the Mario comment. Ah, you're funny.

  14. merry christmas to my cyber bff!

  15. You have me convinced! I'm coming to Boston!!! I'm from Southern Saskatchewan...that should get me along...no?


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