Wednesday, January 18, 2012

hold your judgment for just one second

Look, I know you all are sick to death of SOPA/PIPA, okay? I know you're sick of the jokes, the tweets, the hashtags, the IMMA GET SERIOUS UP IN HERE posts.

But can you spare just a few minutes to read Chanel's post?  It's beautiful. So well-written. So well-rounded. And it comes from the perspective of a musician, a voice so rare in the debate. I wish to God I'd seen it sooner.

If you're sick of SOPA, can you just give it a read to appreciate her writing? It's glorious.

Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace

The amazing Steph also wrote a terrific post from her standpoint as an artist:

Reasons Why SOPA/PIPA are Tools of the Devil You May or May Not Believe In 

Look, I get it. You're sick of the buzz. You're sick of the overreactions now that SOPA's being talked down nonstop. You think it's blown entirely out of proportion. But here's the thing: people are getting excited about moving their country, and people are caring about how Congress works, and people are talking, and people are THINKING, and people are formulating opinions and finding out who their Congressmen are and the Internet, this crazy fucking Internet we all publish on, is making people move and act and think and do. And that is why I don't give a damn if you're sick of it all. Because I think people moving towards a common goal is a beautiful thing.  Because people standing up against lobbyists with millions of dollars is a beautiful thing. And because people reminding themselves that they can make a difference in the world they live in is a beautiful thing. You have a right to voice your cynicism -- but I beg you, instead of nitpicking to form a dissent, consider the forest for the trees.


  1. This kinda goes where my next post is heading. The best part of SOPA (aside from the students whining about Wikipedia's blackout) was seeing so many people come together and actually make a difference. It was amazing.

    It was also a little sad.

    If only we could come together like this for more issues, like violations of human rights in 3rd world countries or animal welfare acts or healthcare reform. What an incredible world it would be if we would open our mouths more and actually SAY something like we did today rather than bitch and do nothing like we usually do.

    1. I hear you. We can't get a half-decent healthcare system in this country, but try to take away our cat videos and we'll bite your hand off. I'm looking forward to your next post...

  2. i agree - anything that makes people think and want to participate in the process is a good thing. too many people are apathetic now - they are CONVINCED their vote or their say doesn't matter, so they just don't care. oh, they bitch and whine and complain about our government, but they REFUSE to participate in the process out of some misguided hatred of 'the man'.

    listen, you know who put 'the man' up on that damn pedestal? assholes like you who voted him there. want to complain about the way the world is? fine, but don't just sit there like 'this is wrong' - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    the most beautiful thing about the internet, in my opinion, is the ability to connect and mobilize. do you think i want to go door to door in support of my chosen politician? yeah, and get mugged/beat up/raped/blisters from walking. whatever. i'd much rather participate in an email or social media campaign, safe from muggers/beaters/rapists/cold, hard, concrete sidewalks. do you think repressive 'governments' would have given the people the right to assemble and protest if the people hadn't used social media and the internet to plan and mobilize before hand?

    fucking read the articles and sign the petitions. 'oh, my signature doesn't count'. fuck you. politicians have taken notice of social media - they all have emails and most of them have facebook and/or twitter. tweet to them. look up their office phone numbers and call them. email them. tell your friends you've done so and encourage them to do the same. MOBILIZE.

    and don't fucking complain if you're not going to take a minute to do your part.

    1. So Derrick was reading me all my comments (I was making a sauce in the kitchen), he sees yours and goes...Imma sit down for this one.

      Steph, I really wish you could've seen me listening to your comment -- I started nodding so vigorously (hope I didn't get hair in the pasta) my head hurt after the first few paragraphs, and by the end of it I was literally jumping up and down going, "SHE IS SO RIGHT. I HAVE THE BEST COMMENTERS ON THE DAMN WEB. 'TWEET TO THEM. LOOK UP THEIR OFFICE PHONE NUMBERS AND CALL THEM. EMAIL THEM.....MOBILIZE.' GOD-DAMN I LOVE THAT STEPH GAS."

      I basically had a commentgasm in the kitchen. It was wonderful.

  3. I signed the petition and have been encouraging others to do so as well. Thanks for posting these articles!

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  5. I am beyond honored that you liked my post so much that you linked me. Thank you, very truly, from the bottom of my heart. I just hope that SOPAPIPA (it really does sound like the dessert) gets taken down. I'd hate for the blogs I follow to disappear....

    1. You earned it. I think it takes the cake as the best SOPA protest on a blog I've read so far. You really cut past the hype and the crap.

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  7. Very well said. I keep seeing "What's the big ass deal?" posts on Facebook, and I'm all, "Well, you LIKE social media? Wanna KEEP it?" Nicely done.

    Also, hot damn do I love your labels.

  8. I haven't been following it because of the big rock I live under, but. . . .

    ITA with YOU


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