Friday, February 10, 2012

friday photoblog: when boston came a'courtin'

I fell in love with Boston in January 2011. I moved there in June. It didn't seem that sudden at the time. To read that now looks...insane.

 Those of you who followed both the Wandering Blues and the Match Day Madness series know how utterly mad those six months were. As we struggled to figure out where we'd be living that summer, I blogged it all. I wrote about Gainesville. I wrote about Baltimore. I wrote about NYC.  But I never wrote about Boston. 

I don't think I knew how. 

I didn't want to jinx it, maybe. I didn't know how to put Boston in words. So I shut my mouth -- and I hoped. And Derrick opened his Match Day envelope, and that envelope said Boston. 

I will never forget how that felt.

We came to Boston in January -- Derrick had an interview, true, but our main reason for coming was to speed-date the city. Could we live here? Could he? Could I? 

Boston got walloped with 16 inches of snow on the day before we were set to arrive, causing our flight to be cancelled. Twice. Once after we had already gotten up at 5 a.m. and driven to the airport (on the way home, our flight got cancelled and we had to spend the night in Philly. With a lobster. The airport gods were not looking favorably upon us that trip).

We navigated the subway system, got dinner at the second oldest restaurant in Boston (it was unimpressive), and we sampled every local microbrewery beer we could find.

I expected to find a smaller version of NYC -- high heels, sharp eyes, a ruthlessly fast pace. I didn't. People walk slower. They smile more. They're quick to give advice (whether you ask for it or not). They ask you what you're ordering at the Asian sandwich shop.

My first banh mi sandwich... a THREE DOLLAR banh mi sandwich, I might add)

We set out to do the Freedom Trail. All of it. It was freezing. A Boston baptism by fire, we figured -- if we can handle Boston at its harshest, in freezing temperatures and 16 inches of snow, we can handle Boston any time.

This is the Godfather Pigeon of Boston Common. We named him FatPigeon. We marveled at his girth.
Now that I've been to Boston Common several times, I can safely say FatPigeon is not that fat. He's about average for all the animals in Boston Common.
Obesity. It's an epidemic. The More You Know.
Hey! Derrick! Take a picture of me in front of this random fountain!

Specialized hookers, please use the entrance on the other side of the building.
Yes. That's a sea captain snowman on that boat. And you wonder why I'm in love with this city?
You thought of Star Wars too, right? Right?!?
This is the part of the Freedom Trail that becomes less "quaint red brick line that winds through our historic treasure of a town" and becomes more "ghetto red line painted on concrete"
Follow the yellow brick -- er, red brick -- er, red painted line of a road

The light at the end of the tunnel is...CAMBRIDGE!
Cambridge likes to confuse itself with NYC, apparently
We did join them for brunch. And we did not regret it. Because...

...there were cocktails. Fan-freaking-tastic cocktails.

I came into this post expecting to dive into a long, gushing manifesto about how I fell in love with this town -- but I realize now I don't need to. I'm realizing I can't. Sometimes even a writer can't tell a love story. 

But that doesn't mean her camera can't.


  1. I love your photo blog days! You take beautiful pictures and make me want to book a flight to there right away. I love brunch and birds and missing unicorn posters!

  2. Nicki, darling, you're killing me!

    " -- but I realize now I don't need to. I'm realizing I can't. Sometimes even a writer can't tell a love story." I can understand this EXACTLY.

    Boston. In July/August. It's happening.

  3. Wow some great photos you have shared you know I couldn't move away from Newcastle as this is were all my family is and I do like the fact that we all live so close to each other.......

  4. Boston seems like a nice place! I might go there WHEN I win the lottery.

    Your photos are pretty! If I could steal talent in photography, I would steal yours.

    Also, General Hooker Entrance? Do I have a dirty mind or...?

  5. So Boston is cold, apparently.

    Are you telling me that eating at the second oldest restaurant in Boston didn't do anything for you? How has it been around so long if it's unimpressive?

  6. Loved all the photos! I absolutely did think of Star Wars! And I can't help but wonder if I would be a general hooker, or the specialized sort. I'de like to think it would be the latter.

  7. i thought of star wars.

    also, i think i'm just, like, naturally supposed to dislike boston as a new yorker. but you keep making it look pretty neat.

  8. Whoooo hooooo snow!!!! and snowman. Very cool
    Gorgeous photos thank you for sharing

  9. Dammit! I was away this weekend and didn't see this right away. How to write this without hyperbole...

    ...damn. It felt like each picture became my favorite of the bunch. I finally gave up. They're all great. Again, this is a thing that "makes me want to be there". That's about as good as I can make it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. These photos definitely captured the charm of Boston--which is pretty much impossible to describe. When I tell someone about Boston I say, "I hate cities. But I love Boston. That should tell you how brilliant it is."

  11. Sigh...I may be in love with Boston vicariously through these photos. Such a beautiful city! I'm glad you are so well matched with our new home. :)

    1. Balls! I wanted to say "your new home". Geez! I'm not doing well with the comments today!


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