Friday, March 2, 2012

friday photoblog: wellfleet oysterfest

The Wellfleet Oysterfest is the world's premiere oyster-lovers' extravaganza. It is a mollusk miracle. If you are an oyster fan, you must -- you must -- put the Wellfleet Oysterfest on your bucket list. It will change your life. 

Grilled oysters, my friends.  Plump, freshly-shucked oysters sizzled on the grill for mere seconds before  the shells are whisked from the grill and the chef drizzles with a lemon-garlic butter. 

The Sam Adams Wellfleet Oyster Stout, the dark, thick-as-bread oyster beer that's brewed with actual Wellfleet oyster shells. I could've drank 12. I may have drank 12. I regret nothing.

And then there's the raw oysters -- heaven in an oyster shell, that cool briny shot of oyster liquor and plump, salted oyster -- you will die, my friends. 

Yes, readers. I have seen heaven. And heaven lies in the bottom of an empty oyster shell.

Come to Boston in October. See the sights. Walk the Freedom Trail. Get your chowder fix. And then make your pilgrimage to the Wellfleet Oysterfest and pay homage to the Oystergods.

They will not forsake you.

My favorite shucker of the day -- please note his pink hat. Jayne from Firefly, right?

I know this picture is terribly out-of-focus. I'm okay with it. Because LOOK AT THEM.

My first Bloody Mary -- ever.
Don't look at me like that.
Since this picture was taken I've become a Bloody Mary connoisseur.
But at the time? I hated tomatoes until this summer, remember?
So why would I ever want a drink with damn bloody tomatoes in them?

Never understood the Cape appeal until I went there. One of the most stunningly beautiful places I've ever seen.
Worth the pretentious reputation, I promise. 

Oh, please. I barely give you any mush on this blog. You can take a few Myspace kissing portraits.

My favorite picture of us...ever.
Mainly because I look like I've just been electrocuted.
That's an insanely difficult look to pull off, friends.
I practice at home.
With a hair dryer.
And a bathtub.


  1. OMG! You two are just adorable! I love the picture of you next to the map.

    I can't do oysters. I tried one once. Felt like someone spit snot in my mouth. I'm sorry. I just can't.

    I suppose I should try a BM (hahahahaha) I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes but I love their products! Ketchup, sauce, paste! Do they tatse tomatoey?

  2. love the pics! I am SO coming to Boston. But I have to pass on the oysters. I am such a texture person and my gag reflex does not take kindly to these.

  3. I don't do seafood, period. However, I love the pictures. I'm also a HUGE fan of the pics of you and Derrick. Don't be ashamed to share the cuteness.

    PS: I'm also rather impressed by Derrick's "Jethro-style" Amish-type beard. Very classy. :)

  4. I didn't know about the oysterfest! Definitely going to check it out! I love love love them!

  5. I don't do Oysters but oh my shit that whole thing looks like fun! Love the photos!

  6. I don't eat sea food ever..........but my dad loves oysters so he would love oysterfest

  7. I love AAAAALLLLL the pictures. Especially the last two. I don't mind some some mushy pics. They're adorable!

  8. You have been hiding him because he is gorgeous. Love all the pics but cant say I am a fan of oysters.
    If you ever come "Down Under" be sure to try the Coffin Bay Oysters. They have an awesome reputation

  9. Sigh! SO ADORABLE! I love Nicki & Derek photos!

    Oysters?. . .I enjoy them when I have them, but no one will ever hear me say "Hey! Let's go get some oysters!"

  10. Even you can't make oysters appealing to me.

    Especially when you use words like briny to describe the taste. And mush.

    Ick. No, not for me, thank you.

    But I will say that bloody mary looks pretty tasty.

    And the two of you look adorable. Although it looks cold.

  11. How cute! :) And that beer sounds mighty interesting...! Love micro-brew-type beers!!! Drinking an imported Alaskan Ale right now. I'm from the south, so I like oyster po'boys! Can only do the slimy ones when I'm drunk and with hot sauce! Yum.

  12. Okay, too freaking precious. You two are adorable.

    I definitely had to show boyfriend the oyster pics. We are intrigued. That looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

  13. I have to IMAGINE the bottle of tequila? You couldn't just put one in there? C'mon, I know you had one on you.

  14. You guys are hawt!

    I told my hubs about this post when I glanced at it and then was interrupted, probably by pooping, small humans, and he almost swooned with oyster nostalgia. I don't eat them. Sue me.

    But the Cape? Love it. We had out last Cape vacation right there in Wellfleet. Bee, who is seven now, was 18-months old.

    In fact, as we were walking a stretch of beach, the hubs noticed all these squirty clam holes. He started digging some up for his dinner that night. I was glancing around at salty men tending low tide–exposed patches of sand. I glanced at my clam maddened hubs. Then at the salty gents. Then hubs. "I think you're digging up someone's commercial clam bed, babe." Whoops. We threw them back in the shallows. No poachers, we!

    Here's what you'e gonna do. Go back in July for their Fourth of July parade. You will die of joy. Just trust me.

  15. I live in Boston and am seeing this city in a whole new light from you- thanks for the fun ideas!

  16. That is not only my favourite picture of you two, it is my favorite picture of ANY couple EVER!

  17. And the cheeky tongue-sticking-out one? LOVE that one, too.~

  18. I looove all of your photos! Looking at them makes me wanna disregard my apathy towards oysters. Hope to read similar "adventure" posts from you. And I also like the couple pic, so sweet!


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