Monday, April 2, 2012

stirring up some changes 'round here

Ah, ma chere, mi amor, my darling Handbag, I don't have to tell you what you already know, do I? You know things are different between us, and you know it's not you.

It's me.

We're emotional distancing, preparing for the divide, yes? You know I'm leaving you. You're a smart girl. You've seen this coming since early March.

Tomorrow I start my internship with America's Test Kitchen. You know I'm worried and stressed. You know I'm wondering why the hell I'm leaving my write-in-my-PJ's gig. And you know I feel too damn old to work an unpaid internship.

But you also know that I need the print and food writing experience. You know it's the right thing, even if I don't. You know because I've stocked your archives with pictures of food, stories about food, agonizingly long odes about my culinary conquests. You've known from the beginning, from Table for One, you little mynx of a blog, you.

And you also know this new endeavor of mine is only part-time, so the rest of my week will be spent cramming in my usual work. Which, sadly, leaves less time for blogging for pleasure.

But oh, dear sweet Handbag, stop worrying. Yes, your archives for the spring will look a little sparse. But I'll still be here. Even if it's just to slap up some pictures and beg forgiveness for my absence.

Me and you, Handbag, to the end.

You're my best gal. I won't abandon you.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to cook up some courage before my big day tomorrow.

I know you'll understand.


  1. Promise to post quick updates about your internship and I'll forget all about your absence!

  2. Putting it on the back burner may not be such a bad thing. That's where the best dishes simmer a bit. Well, I hope the America's Test Kitchen gig works wonders for you. Don't forget the right vino can really brighten up the dish. Or if the dish is a disaster then LOTS of vino!


    How many people are you feeding?

    The thing about friends is. . .if you're really friends, a little absence doesn't matter. So we're good!

    Want me to send you my "Mom" recipies so you can test them? They all start with Cream of Mushroom soup.

  4. America's Test Kitchen is the bomb!!! I spent an afternoon watching that show, examining all the different kinds of spatulas and which work best :) Have a blast!! Unpaid internships aren't the best self-esteem boost, but you'll be getting so much experience. Enjoy it :)

  5. I hope there aren't live lobsters in that pot or staring out from some cage hidden from the camera's view waiting for an untimely demise...

    You had me scared. I thought you were deleting this place.

    I'm relieved. So relieved that I won't even nag you about your infrequent posting. For now.

  6. I have never heard of America's Test Kitchen but I hope you have a blast there and learn something and that you pop in and post some updates about how it is all going

  7. OMG! America's Test Kitchen? I'm sooo behind! I love this. Have FUN, learn lots, be awesome (as usual). Good luck.

  8. Good luck!! Sounds like an awesome choice for you to me, lack of pay aside. Hope all goes well tomorrow, I shall look forward to the infrequent blogs - distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say. Whoever the hell 'they' are.

  9. That really is the largest pot I've ever seen!
    All the best, and all the courage!


  10. You'll be great for that internship, I'm sure of it. No matter how infrequently you post here, I'll still be around to greedily devour every single post. Hugs, my favorite Boston-dweller, you! :)

  11. America's Test Kitchen is so cool that even I like it. And you know how cool that must be. Congratulations, and don't worry. We'll be here waiting for leftovers whenever you get time!

  12. Well, Congratulations! A little bittersweet, but you've gotta do what's best for you and what you're most passionate about :) Looking forward to your sparse updates.

  13. You will kick FUCKING ASS at your internship, my love! I'll miss regular TLH updates (we were very spoiled for a few weeks there with SEVERAL updates a week with pretty, pretty pictures and whatnot) but I know that this is something that you will love so I'll muster through the withdrawals.~

  14. A - Congratulations!
    B - I now have stock pot envy, or maybe it's just feelings of total inadequacy. Holy smokes that sucker is big.
    C - Time to make a nice seafood gumbo in that thing, you think?

  15. Congrats on your internship. I'm glad to know that you're not gonna abandon us. Well if you did decide to abandon us, wanna know what's gonna happen?

    I'm gonna hunt you down and eat ALL your food.

    So don't ever.

  16. omg. That sounds super fun.

    You get paid in snacks, right?

  17. I'm so excited to hear more about your internship! A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do!

  18. Say what? Abandoning us? Sniff, call us when you land.


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