Friday, November 2, 2012

friday photoblog: halloween in boston

Let's not talk about Halloween this year, shall we? 

Let's face it: for most of the East Coast, Halloween was a (literal) washout. We got lucky here in Bostonland, but we were so busy stocking up on tequila and freezing copious amounts of ice that there was really no time to buy candy for the neighborhood whippersnappers. Add that to the fact that we typically don't get home on a weeknight until 7:30 p.m. and it became clear: this year, trick-or-treat just wasn't in the cards for us.

Pity, too. Little known fact: Derrick and I LOVE Halloween. Derrick's love of the holiday mainly stems from his burning love of both candy and scaring the bejeezus out of neighborhood children, while mine was long-steeped in a family with more Halloween decorations than Christmas ones. But that's another post for another day, when I'm not so utterly depressed at our lack of Halloweenliness this year.

There were no zombie movies featuring horribly racist black-and-white romps through 1930's Haiti. There were no zombie movies, period. We did halfheartedly squeeze in a few Mystery Science Theatre horror movies a few weeks ago, but when is it not the season for MST3K? It hardly counted.

There was no Halloween-themed food. There was no candy. There were no costumes, no themed cocktails, no parties (hahahaha like I ever go to parties), no trick-or-treaters, no playing of Pandora Halloween stations, no use of the word 'spooktacular.'

I didn't even hear Monster Mash. And I LOVE me some Monster Mash.

It was a tragedy, my friends. 

So this year, I'm pretending it never existed. Halloween took a holiday. It will be back full-force next year. But this year? Nope. Nuh-uh. Never happened.

So let's gallop aboard my time machine (gallop? what is my time machine shaped like, a dude ranch?) and return to a happier time: my first Halloween in Boston, circa 2011.

Beautiful, beautiful zombie geisha

What trick-or-treaters were greeted with last year...sob.


  1. Next year it will be better. Worth it cause you can plan.

  2. You'll totally rock it next year! I can't wait to enjoy your tales of candy and costumes!

    And don't feel bad about this year. Life happens.

    PS: Love the pictures. As usual. :)

  3. Yup, there's always next year and you'll really rock that Halloween.

    I wish I get free candy here too on Halloween but we don't celebrate it here.


  4. I agree. Halloween was a bust this year. i'm sorry mayor Bloomberg but you can't just "reschedule" Halloween. It was on my calendar therefore the day, err night, was supposed to happen. I love that your dog has partially photobombed that last picture.

    Also? I was JUST thinking yesterday that I miss your photoblog's and it's been forever since I've seen pictures. Skillz. That's right. With a Z.

  5. Yeah, I put out a bowl of candy and went to the gym on Halloween night. That was about it. I had to do a little "spooktacular" -ing because of the princess but I didn't get to trick or treat with her so I say it doesn't count. Next year will be better!

  6. We are LONG ways away from the SUPERSTORM! but we, too, did very little for Halloween.. in years past we totally had clever and fabulous costumes, ate candy and goodies until we felt like we'd explode, carve pumpkins, and watch Hocus Pocus at least 3 times. You know how many I watched it this year? ONCE.

    I think Halloween falling on a Wednesday and being so overshadowed by the election (not to mention, Sandy), Halloween just got overwhelmed and decided to stay in this year.

    So, YES, All Hallow's Eve will return and the term "spooktacular" will be exhausted. And, I mean, I've never been to Boston, let alone for Halloween, so, uh, like, I may need to make a trip. But I don't handle scary/bloody/gore/terror very well, so I'll probably find the kid's carnival and hang out with 7 year old's dressed as fairy princesses.

    PS. I didn't hear Monster Mash, too, now that I think about it! :( :( :(

  7. Halloween got completely ripped off around here. In light of Frankenstorm, NJ declared that Halloween would be celebrated on 11/5. You would think 'cool! extra days to celebrate Halloween!' but unfortunately it didn't work that way. No matter what, holidays pass when they pass and there are years when you just aren't feeling them (see Christmas last year for me...and Halloween this year...and probably Christmas again this year...God this is depressing.)

    The good news is that the holidays always came around again and there's a chance to do them up in grand fashion to make up for the previous years.

    (And I can't even tell you how much I FUCKING LOVE the last pic of you.)


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